South East Melbourne Phoenix prides itself on being a club that is not only focussed on success on court, but is also community focussed.

With a rich basketball history, South East Melbourne is the Heartland of Australian basketball and the Phoenix are proud to represent this region in the national league. Being the community club is about more than just basketball, it is about connecting with all people in South East Melbourne and having a positive impact on their lives.  
The Phoenix don’t just represent South East Melbourne, we are a part of it.  

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Thursday,  February 24

Ryan and Cam's kids come to training ahead of Starlight Foundation game (February 25, 2022)

Tuesday,  November 2

Phoenix partner with Kangaroo Jack (November 3, 2021)

Monday,  September 20

Healthy Diet - Cam Gliddon (Victoria Together)

Wednesday,  September 15

Healthy Sleep and Recovery - Kyle Adnam (Victoria Together)



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Community News

Signing off for Term One!

6 April 2023


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